Most people associate chiropractic care with the treatment of injuries, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, and sciatica. However, the long-term positive effects of seeing a chiropractor are often overlooked.  A healthy, aligned spine gives the body and brain the best chance of optimal performance.  

Think of the human body like a high-performance vehicle.  What you do with and how you take care of the vehicle will determine the level of performance and the rate of breakdown. When the spine is out of alignment it’s like having the frame bent and distorted. Even slight distortion on the vehicle will cause drastic reduction in performance, the acceleration goes down, the turning capabilities reduce, the stopping distance increases, the longevity of the vehicle is declines, and many others systems get compromised. By fixing the frame it makes it so that the onboard computer (the brain) can process information properly and control all the minute calculations that are necessary for success. 

Optimizing spinal function positions the nervous system, including the brain, for peak performance.  

  • Recreational athletes report more balanced strength and injury reduction.

  • Athletes see the most immediate results! The more elite the athlete, the faster and more prominent the results, such as faster acceleration, increased endurance, higher verticals, and faster recovery from injuries.

  • With pregnancy, chiropractic care helps by reducing labor time, back labor, and recovery time. Those adjusted while pregnant also have fewer complications and healthier babies. 

Why Curis Chiropractic:

The Chiropractors at Curis are trained to help more than just those that experience pain. They see that together with adjusting they have the healthcare practitioners that work together to improve the body faster and build it stronger. The Chiropractors work on the frame and the onboard computer of the vehicle, while the nutritionists work on the fuel that comes in to optimize the performance the vehicle can have. And the therapists work on the driver to increase confidence to give the car the best possible chance for success. Like the vehicle, when all aspects are covered it makes the best opportunities to win, we work with the best in the field to make your body have the best opportunity for success.