People often enter therapy because they’ve lost a sense of peace, happiness, and or purpose in some parts of their lives.  Our perception of the world shapes the reality we experience.  Counseling is a supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental environment to explore thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and underlying beliefs.

Relationships are our brain’s natural language for learning and growing.  Restoration, understanding, and growth occur in the course of a therapeutic relationship.  The therapeutic relationship is unique in that it is client centered and paced.  This provides the safety and support to dig deep and the courage to go big.

Mental health professionals are trained to examine underlying factors that aren’t overtly obvious that play a role in client functioning.  There are many different therapeutic modalities that client and therapist can choose from to best achieve therapeutic goals.  Expressive and talk modalities are evidence based, neuroscientifically correct, and or historically founded.  In this way, therapy is the art and science of self-improvement for internal peace and fulfillment.


Why Curis Mental Health?

At Curis, we believe people are innately healthy and therapy is a method of uncovering something that has been lost.  Our licensed mental health professionals take a systemic and multidisciplinary approach, exploring the many angles that influence well-being. Since the brain is the master regulator of the entire body, its health has a lasting influence not only on quality of life, but the entire system.  When clients secure a healthy relationship with themselves, there is an impact upon their entire social system and the world.