Looking Forward Group

  • Teen girls ranging from ages 15 to 19 years old
  • An eight week open groups exploring different topics each week, ranging from anxiety, stress-management skills, personal values and beliefs, and goal setting skills.

Looking towards the future can be an exciting yet scary time for many of us, no matter our age - but what about when you are looking towards your future for the first time? Many teens are facing this scenario as they begin to think about college, careers, and moving out on their own. This group focuses on helping teen girls navigate through the challenges that accompany looking towards their future, and gives them the space to explore their values, beliefs, and goals.

A group setting is the perfect place to practice assertive behavior! While it may be easy to talk about being assertive, there can be a lot of barriers to actually putting it into practice! In this low risk environment there is an opportunity to learn and practice these powerful new skills, explore what it means to face challenges, and gain insight from others sharing similar experiences.  


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