Curis (n); Wellness

At Curis, we’re passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of every patient that walks through our doors and the lifestyle of all of our practicing members. We operate multidisciplinary functional health centers where chiropractors, therapists and dietitians take a patient centered approach to address the root cause of health issues and to restore patient wellbeing.

Our clinics provide a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment that enhances patient quality of care. We provide the space, equipment, infrastructure, and systems that allow you to focus on patient care while our staff handles the back-office and administrative tasks of operating your practice. We help support the growth and success of your practice through marketing outreach, business planning, and financial forecasting. 

The result:  you spend more time doing what you enjoy and less time addressing business operations, while maximizing your earning potential. 



Our mission is to help our members attain their personal, professional, and financial goals by offering personalized business expertise that improve the quality of life, team engagement, and patient care.