SHAWN Hackworth, D.C.

License: #12997 Texas

Areas of Focus: 
Applied Kinesiology
- Nutrition
- Blood chemistry analysis
- Extremity adjusting
- Brain Balancing
- Sports w/focus on movement patterns

Insurances Accepted: Out of Network

Curis Location: 
4801 Frankford Rd. #300
Dallas, TX 75201

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Shawn Hackworth, DC enjoys working with clients striving for optimal health. In addition to his doctorate in chiropractic, he has extensive training in functional neurology, functional nutrition, neuro-emotional technique, and applied kinesiology. He takes a whole person approach to his clients, exploring wellness through physical, nutritional, and emotional avenues to achieve the desired result.

Dr. Hackworth has worked with football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, triathlon, golf, cross fit, powerlifters, and gymnasts. In his experience, athletes often have muscle weakness and or spasm during midmovement and or sustained positions this drastically reduces performance. He uses kinetic chain analysis to help athletes’ muscles fire correctly, resulting in immediate gains.

In parallel with a primary care physician, Dr. Hackworth has worked extensively with concussions. It is his belief that there are many complimentary care options to take advantage during the healing process. He works with the nutrition to decrease inflammation, as well as correcting muscle imbalances, and improving hand/foot to eye coordination.

Since he has personally experienced mysterious ailments, Dr. Hackworth has a particular passion for assisting those in the same position. He works best with patients that have seen every practitioner around who are still looking for improvement or answers to what is going on. His unique perspective allows him to look at the body and identify how everything is connected or disconnected which contributes to an individual’s health struggles.

Dr. Hackworth also has extensive training in nutrition and views this as an integral component of wellness. He believes that today’s society is full of chronic issues without many fruitful, long term solutions. He enjoys helping people learn what it's like to feel good, as well as, understand feeling good is more than just not being in pain (which is the last thing to show up)!

Dr. Hackworth’s Philosophy is that there are three key factors that keep people healthy:

  1. Physical: It's a lot more than just being free from aches and pains. We look at functionality and day-to-day performance. Health requires regular movement and exercise.

  2. Emotional: Worldly stress impacts so much more than just how we feel, creating roadblocks to a healthy lifestyle. Working together with mental health professionals is essential to managing our feelings.

  3. Nutrition: This is absolutely key to so many processes going on in the body. Nutrition is so personal, what is fine for one person is toxic to the next. Personalized nutrition is important for supporting all functions.

It's impossible to be healthy without having these 3 key areas of focus in proper balance. Top level athletes can't perform with problems in these areas, so why would we try? Lastly, Dr. Hackworth is fondly referred to around the clinic as Harry Potter, since his results are truly magical.

Doctorate of Chiropractic, Parker University
(Dallas, TX) 
Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness

Licenses, Certifications, Awards
500+ hours in continuing education
Lebowitz Protocol