When you affiliate with Curis you retain the independence of your practice. You still see and treat patients as you see fit while Curis provides a professional environment, major equipment and handles all of the time-consuming tasks of scheduling patients, billing and collections, systems, staff hiring and management while helping you grow your practice through marketing support, business planning and financial forecasting.

There are two ways you can affiliate with Curis today. You can bring your practice into one of our facilities, or if you are still in the midst of a real estate lease we can brand your present practice location under the Curis brand umbrella, until the lease expires and then you will join one of our centers. 

The affiliation is straight forward and involves the execution of a Curis Functional Health Affiliation Agreement. Once we have addressed any questions you may have, we are happy to share and review this agreement with you and your advisors.


Office Facilities

WE provide and manage furnished offices, modern professional equipment, and comfortable, well-located facilities with many amenities.

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Administrative & Billing

We hand select, train, and manage facility personnel to provide administrative support, handle scheduling, as well as billing and collections.


Software & Systems

We provide the software systems to seamlessly manage HIPPA compliant patient notes, calendar coordination, and detailed intake processes.

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The experienced Curis team will help you market your practice, create business plans which increase patient flow and retention


Digital Media

Our team of specialists manage the webpage, social media, SEO, and digital marketing.



At Curis, we provide a collaborative environment within and across disciplines to address root causes of patient emotional, physical, or nutritional needs


Percentage Rent

Curis charges a fee for service, collected as a percentage of collections, and passes you the balance bi-weekly. We free you up to focus on your practice, allowing you to see more patients while providing a higher quality of care, and also protecting your personal time.