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At Curis, we're vested in optimizing the well-being of our patients.  We take a holistic, client-centered, results-driven approach to addressing the underlying causes of health issues.  Our wellness centers treat physical, mental and emotional stress using chiropractic, mental health, functional nutrition and other complimentary methods. 



Our Services

From relieving pain to enhancing wellness, we take a multidisciplinary approach toward living your healthiest life.



The spine is the information superhighway of the body, impacting all systems. Chiropractic care is an evidence based approach to “resetting” the nervous system.

Mental Health

Counseling is a "top down" approach toward changing thinking, feeling, and behavior. We work with individuals, couples, and families toward their best selves.


The foods you consume become the building blocks of your body. Your gut's health impacts your body's ability to absorb nutrients, affecting the entire system.  

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